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How does it work?

Once you have created an account, you will be allocated unique URL for your ticket sales. This URL will direct people to the secure ticketing site. You have the option of using this site "as is" or supplying artwork to have it skinned to look like your own website. This feature incurs an additional small fee.

When you have tickets to sell, you log into your account and follow the simple wizard to set up your event(s). You will have the ability to link multiple events together as a package if you wish, bulk discounts can also be applied.

Direct consumers to your website and then have a link from your website to the ticketing system. Consumers will purchase their tickets online using a credit card or their PayPal account. The automated payment system will charge consumers credit cards for the ticket they have purchased (plus any fees and charges, should you choose to on-bill them). You may log in as often as you like to view ticket sales and to modify ticket details. Sales statistics are available in real time.

The system is designed to be used not only for online ticketing, but also as a full ticket management system. Keep a record complimentary tickets you have distributed, and tickets sold "over the counter". This allows you to keep track of how many tickets you have sold and how many you have left.

Before an event use the reporting systems to print door/guest lists with a record of all the tickets you have distributed.

Key features

On-line ticketing:

  • Open sales of your tickets to a growing internet savvy consumer market
  • Tickets available online 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Utilising PayPal's merchant system allows consumers to purchase tickets and ticket packages on-line
  • Consumers have the option of making payment with credit card or an existing Paypal account
  • Event organisers do not need their own expensive online merchant account

Easy set up: Event organisers can perform the following through simple wizards:

  • Create festivals, events, tickets and ticket packages
  • Manage ticket pricing and set (or update) ticketing limits
  • Manage bulk discounting
  • Package tickets from different event organisers
  • Record and track complimentary tickets
  • Record and track tickets sold "over the counter"

A built-in reporting system allows the automatic compilation, viewing, printing and export of:

  • Ticket sales reports
  • Ticket availability reports
  • Revenue and financial reports
  • Door / guest list
  • Database for future marketing

Automated payment / settlement system:

  • Consumers receive eTickets as soon as the merchant settles their payment
  • Event organisers have the option of absorbing or on-charging merchant and service costs

Ticket tracking:

  • Automatic addition of settled tickets to door list
  • Tracking of complimentary tickets
  • Automatic addition of sales records to reports
  • Automatic addition of transactions (including fees) to financial reports

Build your marketing database:

  • Customers are invited to join your mailing list during the payment process
  • Retrieve complete lists or request a break-down by event
  • View or download your lists in real-time
  • Export your lists to CSV for use in spreadsheets and email marketing applications
  • Increase repeat business by advertising to proven customers

How do I get paid?

The following outlines the end-to-end payment process

  1. End-user / consumer purchases a ticket or package with their credit card or Paypal account
  2. Funds are deposited into Gticketing's Paypal account
  3. At the end of each fortnight, funds are moved into Gticketing's Australian
    holding account (this takes about 5 days)
  4. Funds are then transferred directly to your Australian back account

What are the costs?

The following outlines the pricing for new clients for the 2008 - 2009 financial year. Prices include GST.

Annual Account Fee AU $110.00  
Optional Website Branding AU $165.00 *
Transaction Fee 2.8% + AU $0.33 *
Service Fee (per ticket sold) AU $0.50 *
In-House / Over-the-Counter Sales & FOC Tickets No charge  
* Additional charges may apply if artwork not supplied in the correct format.
* May be on-charged to the end-user / consumer if desired.

How do I sign up?

Gticketing "vets" every new client. If you would like to sell your tickets with Gticketing, please contact us by filling in the form below...


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View and export marketing information on proven customers.

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Simple-to-use software requires very little training.

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